Turkish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy

Turkish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy

Let’s talk in particular about the Turkish airlines flight delay compensation policy because flight delays can happen with anyone and anywhere, which is why it becomes important to know certain policies of the airlines under which you can claim compensation or a full refund. 

Usually the Turkish Airlines or any other airline would require the passengers to pay cancellation fee, if they are voluntarily cancelling their reservations. However, in some cases when the airline is liable for delays or cancellations, the passenger may qualify for a full refund and compensation on cancellation of flight.

What are my passenger rights? 

Emergencies are uninvited but when it happens at the airport, it can leave us agitated and further unaware of what our rights are. The specified passenger rights apply in case of flight delays, cancellations, or delays.

Any services which the passengers require shall be provided by the employee of the airlines in accordance with the services stated in the above section. 

  • Passengers with confirmed reservations who check-in at least 60 minutes before the flight departure time, can benefit from the services offered.
  • Any passenger who was denied boarding due to health conditions, inappropriate travel documents, safety and security purposes cannot benefit from the services offered. 

Note: if the flight irregularities occurred due to circumstances such as natural disaster, security risk, meteorological conditions, unforeseen deficiencies such as strike, the airlines will not be liable to pay any sort of compensation or refund to the passengers. 

Know more about the Turkish Airlines flight delay Compensation policy

Turkish Airlines flight delays might happen frequently with the passengers which is why you can always seek Turkish airlines flight delay compensation. Also, if we talk about the EU261 law, if the flight delays for more than 3+ hours the passengers might be eligible for up to 500 Euros compensation. 

However, if the flight delays occur due to extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather, air traffic, etc. the passengers might not be entitled to benefit from the airlines. 

  • If the airlines informed you about the cancellation or delay that occurred due  to extraordinary circumstances which were not under control of the airlines, you might not be entitled to compensation. 

When are you eligible for flight delay compensation?

There are numerous circumstances under which the flights get delayed or cancelled. The airlines will make sure to get you an alternative flight to your final destination, or you can get a full refund if you do not require to travel, or you missed your connecting flight. You are entitled to Turkish flight delay compensation only if:

  • The circumstances weren’t extraordinary, but under airlines control.
  • The flight was operated under European airlines and departed from the same.

Compensation you can retrieve in case of flight delays

The passengers are always offered a replacement flight in case of flight delays. However, if there are no alternative flights available, the passengers are entitled to retrieve certain benefits as compensation from the Turkish airlines. 

The airline will make an announcement to inform its passengers about the delay between fifteen to sixty minutes. However, if a flight delays for more than one hour, you will be offered with the following Turkish airlines delayed flight compensation.

  • Free of cost reservation and route change if the delay occurs between one to five hours or more than five hours. 
  • Free of cost phone calls, emails, fax, with no limitations, if the flight delays between two to three hours or more than three hours.
  • Cold/Hot beverages if the flight delays between two to three hours or more than three hours.
  • Snacks or light meals in case of delays between three to five hours or more than five hours. 
  • Main course if the flight delays between three to five hours or more than five hours. 

In case the reservation changes or the delays affect the travel plans of the passenger, then s/he will be carried out to the other flight, on the same ticket at zero cost. 

How much compensation can you claim?

Under the EC261 law, all the passengers are treated equally no matter where they come from, or what their age is. You can get up to 600 Euros Turkish airlines flight delay compensation claim, depending upon the distance. 

Flight Distance Expected Compensation
Under 1500 km 250 Euros
EU internal flights over 1500 km400 Euros
EU Non-internal flights between 1500-3500 km400 Euros
EU Non-Internal flights over 3500 km 600 Euros 

The passengers are open to extract information regarding full refund from the ticket sales office. 

Can I get a full refund from Turkish Airlines?

Getting Turkish airlines compensation for delayed flight or refunds are the last resort when it comes to flight delays or cancellations because the airlines always make sure to get you on board in an alternative flight. However, sometimes it might be the case that the rescheduling doesn’t suit your travel plans. In this case, you can: 

  • Cancel your rescheduled flight and seek a refund matching the amount of your bought reservation. 
  • Get a free return flight to your starting point, if your rescheduled flight no longer serves any purpose.

Nevertheless, you are entitled to get a full refund when:

  • The airlines cancelled your flight and the alternative flight doesn’t suit you. 
  • You have a connecting flight but the rescheduled flight causes you to miss it.
  • Your flight delays for more than five hours and you no longer have to travel. 
  • You were denied boarding due to overbooking or you have a refundable ticket. 
  • Your relative or co-passenger died, and you can provide documentation for the same.

What is the refund policy of Turkish Airlines?

Turkish airlines refund policy is as follows:

  • If you purchased your reservation via credit card, the amount will be credited to your account within seven business days.
  • If you purchased your reservation via cash or check, the amount will be credited to your account within twenty business days.
  • Make sure to enter the correct details while submitting the refund form, if you fail to do so, the airlines will not be liable for your loss. 

Steps to cancel your reservation

In case you do not wish to board the rescheduled flight because it already disrupted your travel plans and other such reservations, you can easily cancel your reservation to get a full refund of the unused portion of your ticket. Follow the below-mentioned steps to learn how to cancel your reservation. 

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Click on Check-in/manage booking from the top pane to proceed.
  • Enter your ticket number or reservation code along with your surname.
  • Click on “>” to proceed and select the flight reservation you want to cancel.
  • Click on “Cancel Booking” to cancel your reservation and submit. 

Bottom line 

Make sure to cancel your refund prior to applying for a full refund. The company shall not be liable in case you fail to enter the required information asked by the airlines. In case your flight is delayed for more than one hour, you are always eligible to seek the above-mentioned compensation from the airline. Do note, if the aircraft delays under uncontrollable situations, the airlines will not compensate the passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Turkish airlines allow refundable cancellations?

Refundable cancellations are applicable for a few ticket fares only, these fares include: 

International branded fares International Non-Branded fares
PrimeFly Fare Economy Semi-Flexible
BusinessPrime Fare Economy Flexible
Business Semi-Flexible
Business Flexible 

How to claim for Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation?

To claim for Turkish airlines flight delay compensation, all you need to do is meet two specific conditions, which are:
1. You arrived at your destination 60 minutes before scheduled departure timing, and the flight was delayed for more than 60 minutes. 
2. The cause of flight delay comes under controllable circumstances. Hence, the airlines being responsible for the delay.

What is the best way to claim compensation from an Airline?

The best way to claim refund or compensation from an airline is by directly contacting the airlines, either online or offline mode. As compensation claims follow quite a procedure, you will need to do everything according to the guidelines of the airline.

What do you mean by flight disruptions?

Flight disruptions means when the scheduled flight was cancelled, delayed, or diverted due to either extraordinary circumstances or controllable circumstances. In case of flight disruptions the passengers are eligible to seek compensation from the airlines, under the rules and regulations of the airlines.

How much compensation am I entitled to?

The flight delay compensation depends upon the distance. So, for instance if the flight was less than 1500 km, you can get approximately up to 400 Euros. However, if the flight was more than 3500 km, you can get approximately up to 600 Euros.

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